ADIMS – Auto Dealer Information Management System is a simple yet powerful tool to manage an independent car dealership. ADIMS was created in 2001, and has been providing quality service to auto dealerships primarily in Tennessee and beyond.

Why get our product?

  • No Large Upfront Fee
  • No Forms or Expensive Printer to Buy
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • Easy to Learn & Use
  • Great Customer Service
  • Risk-Free Trial


  • Lot Financing (Buy Here Pay Here)
  • Cash and Wholesale
  • Bank Financing and F&I
  • Accurate and Legal Calculations
  • Trade-In and Rebate Calculation
  • Quick Quotes
  • Reverse Price Calculation
  • Prints all sales documents
  • Easily enter existing notes from your books or other programs


  • Daily transactions, Tax, Sales, Repos/Returns, Inventory, Over-dues, and many more.


  • Cost tracking, Publishing to your web site, options recording, quick search and update capability ….